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Do you need a waterline tile?

Are you planning a pool and struggling to decide?

A waterline tile is designed to go around the top perimeter of your pool. While it is not a necessity they do have benefits.

  • Preventing a water or scum line around the top of the pool. A scum line, so to speak is sunscreen, body oils, plant pollens and more.

  • Overtime the look of the end of the pool above the water looks different to below the water. Your tile solves this.

  • Adding a stylish design to the look of your pool

Porcelain or glass tiles are the two preferred choices for a pool. However the choices are almost endless and this can make it even more difficult to decide.

Fully tiled pool

What about a fully tiles pool? Well with Branching Out Co. and Plungie you can have that choice too.

We arrange for the pool to be delivered without the ecoFinish so that we can have the interior completed in a tile of your choice.


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