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Add-ons and Modifications

There are a range of add-ons and modifications available for your Plungie pool, including options for Spa jets, additional provisions to allow you to side-mount glass fencing to the side of your pool shell, heating options and more. Please find more details below or get in touch with our team to discuss your project.

Heating options:

Adding a heater to your Plungie pool is an easy way to extend your swimming season, with the option to heat your pool up to 40 degrees. We typically install the Madimack Eco Heat pumps, which come with control via Wi-Fi as standard. The model of heater required may differ depending on the size of pool & location of equipment, our experienced team can discuss the best option with you.

If you think you might want to add a heater later on, we can run provisions to allow for the installation of a heater at a later date when we install the rest of the pool equipment.

Spa Jets:

You can add in Spa Jets to all the Plungie models, with the choice of a manual or automated system. The automated system is controlled via Wi-Fi whilst the manual system is controlled by manually switching the system on/off at the pump.

If you want Spa Jets in your Plungie this must be specified when ordering/confirming your pool order as these are cast into the shell during the manufacturing process and cannot be retrofitted later.

Fencing Ferrules:

If your pool is going to be installed above or partially above ground, you can add the optional fencing ferrule modification to your pool order which will allow you to attach side-mounted glass directly to the pool shell. The ferrules can also be used as a dowling point if you are having a concrete slab surrounding your Plungie pool, which allows you to anchor the slab to the pool shell.

This modification must be requested when ordering/confirming your pool order as these are cast into the shell during the manufacturing process and cannot be retrofitted later. Note, this is only available on the Studio, Original & Max models, not available for the Arena.

Waterline Tile Provisions:

If you want to have waterline tiles installed on your Plungie, we can request for the ecoFinish in your pool to be modified to finish at the bottom of the skimmer box. This makes the installation of waterline tiles easier.

Construction Cover:

If you are installing your Plungie pool at the start of a larger building project, for example as part of a knock-down rebuild project where the pool is being installed prior to the building works, you can order your pool to come with a construction cover. This is pre-fitted to the pool shell and not only acts as a safety measure for trades working around your pool, it also protects the interior of the pool from damage whilst the other works are being completed. The cover is rated to AS 225kg SWL and meets the requirements of most home builders to allow the pool to be left covered, without a seperate temporary fence around it, until the completion of works.

For more details on the range of pools from Plungie please CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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