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ecoFinish interior 

All Plungie pools come with your choice of ecoFinish interior polymer coating pre-applied to the pool shell. ecoFinish is a highly engineered form of powder coating that’s heat-blasted onto the internal shell of the pool, forming a completely sealed, flexible, waterproof membrane that’s both luxurious to the touch, and highly durable.

The finished feel of each pool varies slightly and ranges between a slightly coarse, sandstone like finish and smooth porcelain tiles. In any instance the surface has fantastic non-slip capabilities without feeling abrasive on skin. 

There is also an option to order your Plungie pool with a waterline tile provision. This means that the ecoFinish will stop at the bottom of the skimmer entry to allow for us to apply a waterline tile to your pool once installed. In addition to this, you can request a raw concrete internal finish if you want to tile your entire pool. You can find more details on these options HERE.

There are currently 6 colours to choose from, Kona Coast, Mediterranean Blue, French Grey, Blue Lagoon, Grey Reef and Sahara Sand.

Kona Coast:
ecoFinish_Kona Coast.png
Mediterranean Blue:
ecoFinish_Med Blue.png
French Grey:
ecoFinish_French Grey.png
Blue Lagoon:
ecoFinish_Blue Lagoon.png
Grey Reef:
ecoFinish_Grey Reef.png
Sahara Sand:
ecoFinish_Sahara Sand.png

For more details on the range of pools from Plungie please CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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