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Do you love roses

Roses are not just something that you buy from a florist on valentines day. You can have roses in your garden without it being an old fashioned garden like your grandmother once had.

Roses provide garden colour, many varieties have perfume and they of course are beautiful cut flowers. Having your own roses means you really can bring the outside in and fill your vases.

There are MANY varieties of rose plants from potted roses to climbing roses and to the traditional rose bush. Do you have a favourite?

You just have 4 things to remember with roses:

  • Full sun 6 to 8 hours

  • Well drained sandy soil

  • Plenty of water when flowering

  • They are suitable for all climates


You can buy roses all year round in pots except for during winter when the nurseries will have the bare rooted roses.

Make sure to ask your local nursery what they recommend with the rose that you are looking to buy. They will be a wealth of information to ensure you give your rose or roses the best start and future.

As there a SO MANY varieties of roses, they also all require different types of care. Naturally some will require more care than others.


Watering, fertilising and pruning are all important aspects to owning roses. The better they are looked after the more they will reward you with amazing flowers ready to cut for your vases.

Depending on the variety that you chose and the number of plants you have will depend on the amount of cut flowers you have. Personally, you cannot go past the traditional heavily perfumed varieties.


If you are considering designing a rose garden for your home, contact the team at Branching Out Co. We love to create an indoor/outdoor lifestyle and if it is your dream to have a bedroom opening onto a rose garden, we can create it. From the design to the construction and maintenance we are your local team of professionals.

Ready to chat about your new rose garden? Contact the team at Branching Out Co.


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