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A complete overview of a Plungie Pool installation

Earlier this year, the team at Branching Out Co. completed a project which included the full process from initial design concept, through to plan drafting, management of the approvals process, construction including the installation of a Plungie Studio pool through to the final handover and sign-off of the project.

We are frequently asked about the process involved in getting a Plungie pool installed so we have written up a detailed overview of the entire process of this project from empty space through to the perfect pool area.

Preliminary stages

This project included our full design and approvals package, so the first stage was organising an up to date property survey (we work with Survey Plus).

Once we received the survey plan we met with the clients on-site to go over their design checklist. We also arranged for a Geotechnical Site Classification report (we work with Ascent Geotechnical Consulting) to be completed for the project, this helps to determine the structural requirements for the concrete slab that the Plungie pool will sit on.

We then commenced work on the design stage. We determined that there were no site restrictions that would indicate a DA would be required so we designed with the intention of the works falling under a CDC (Complying Development).

Once the plans were finalised (see below for the final design), we could commence the approvals process via private certifier.

Construction Stage

Once the construction stage commenced we started with the excavation for the pool and pouring the slab that the Plungie pool sits on. Here are some photos of the early construction stage:

Next up was the installation of the pool via crane. We work with Borger Cranes for our Plungie pool installations.

Once the pool was in place we could get the rest of the construction underway:


Once all the works were completed we organised the issuance of the final Occupation Certificate via the private certifier and then our lucky clients had a wonderful pool to enjoy!

Here are some photos of the finished project! This design demonstrated that you don't need a lot of space to create your own peaceful oasis in your backyard.

Pool details:

This is the Plungie Studio size ( in the Kona Coast ecoFinish. The clients added on the spa jets and heater options, meaning even though we are only just into spring-time they can already enjoy their Plungie!

The decking around the pool, including the stairs and long timber bench seat are constructed from Spotted Gum.

Glass pool fencing by Bluewater Glazing (Facebook Page)

Electrical work by Perfect Connection Electrical (Facebook Page)

Photography by No Qualms Studio (Website)


If you want to create your own backyard paradise with a Plungie pool, get in touch with the team at Branching Out Co. to arrange an initial consultation by contacting us HERE.


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