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Additions, renovations or bumping out your house

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Could you use a little extra space?

Have you been watching all the renovating shows on TV and seeing people bumping out for an extra bedroom, bathroom or kitchen?

Could you improve your lifestyle by renovating certain aspects of your home?

Kitchen renovation or New kitchen

At Branching Out Co. our building division specialises in additions. What about adding a purpose built master bedroom with master ensuite and spacious walk in wardrobe?

Perhaps you are having family move in with you and need to add a dedicated space, self contained just for them!

Bathroom renovation or new bathroom

Whatever the reason for needing to add more space we can work with your ideas to design a plan for an addition that will work for you. We will ensure that the transition from old to new is seamless and feels as you would like it to feel.

It is not just additions, we can look after all your internal building works and we offer carpentry services too.

Carpentry services
  • Have you been looking at all the open plan living spaces on Pinterest and wondering if you could have that in your home?

  • Is it time for a new bathroom or ensuite renovation in your home?

  • Would a new kitchen make your life more comfortable and increase the value of your home?

  • Are you needing bespoke customer furniture made?

  • Outdoor screens, pergolas, or any other timber feature you are considering.

  • Would you like more storage in your home?

Regardless of the construction need inside or out - Branching Out Co. can look after you.

Contact us today or book an appointment via our online booking tool.

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