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Summer with a pool

Have you decided that there will not be another summer without a pool in your garden? Summer in Sydney offers the perfect conditions for your backyard oasis.

Are the kids complaining, 'It's too hot,' 'We need a pool', 'Can we get a pool'?

Adding a pool to your garden doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming or take up too much space.

Look in more detail at the process via one of our jobs.

The pool

Branching Out Co installs Plungie Pools exclusively. Plungie pools are Australia's largest manufacturer of precast concrete pools.

Plungie pools can be installed above ground, in-ground, semi-recessed, or rooftop.

The Plungie pool is perfect for any site, including sloping blocks. It is often far more suitable than a standard pool construction for even the most difficult sites.

The choice is all yours, from a 3.5 meter round to a big 6m x 3m pool.

So are you ready to add a pool to your home?

Contact the team at Branching Out Co. We can look after everything from design to approvals and construction for you.


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