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Summer ready garden

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

With the weather warming up we all want to get our gardens looking fantastic for the summer months. Everything from pruning to getting the vegetables growing should be underway.

Raise garden beds

Adding raised garden beds can be great for growing many things. Their height also makes it easy to tend to while you constantly improve the soil. A vegetable garden in a raise bed is the obvious choice but you can grow almost anything, including fruit trees.

A water feature

Have you always wanted to add a water feature to your garden? Now is the time and it can be as large or as small as you like. From a simple pot with water plants to a fountain to a stream the possibilities are endless.

If you are in an apartment you can have a pot with water plants as your water feature. No garden is too small.


Now is the time, before summer to prune your trees. Remove any dead or damaged branches so you encourage growth for summer. If you remove any diseased branches make sure to deal with them correctly so to not spread the disease.

Short on space

If you are short on space and still would like a summer ready garden why not add vertical planting. There are many ways you can add a vertical planter to your space. They can disguise a wall or disguise the neighbours. You can choose many types of plants for your vertical garden, even a herb garden.

Time to mulch

Before it gets too hot get our and mulch the garden. Mulching keeps the weeds at bay, maintains moisture in the soil and breaks down to add nutrients to the soil.


Rather than standing out in the garden watering with a hose why not add a watering system. Watering systems, particularly drip irrigation ensure that the roots of your plats get the water. When you hose your garden is takes far more water to get down to the roots and efficiently water your plants.

Naturally there are many more things to do in your garden but this is a good start for summer.

If you need help getting your garden looking just how you would like it to look contact the team at Branching Out Co.


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