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New Year new gardening resolutions

As we start a New Year we often decide that we will have new resolutions for the year ahead.

In this blog we wanted to add your garden into the mix of living well resolutions.

Look after your tools

Your garden tools need to be looked after and maintained to ensure they are ready for you each time you need them.

  • Make sure you rinse your digging tools off and dry

  • Give pruners or shears a soapy wash to remove any sap and dry

  • Always store your tools in a cool dry place and as organised as possible so they are ready when you are

Pests are ready

Yes, a new year may mean new pests or trying to get rid of old pests in your garden.

  • Regularly take the time to look for weeds to stay on top of their ongoing wish to take hold

  • Get to know the plants in your garden that tend to attract pests. Take the time to manage these pests with regular spraying or natural alternatives

Be water wise

While this is an obvious one, there are things you can do to make sure you are doing you bit.

  • Mulch on your garden helps to retain moisture in the soil

  • Using an irrigation system and a timer gets the water to where it needs to be.

  • Have a water tank to collect rainwater, perfect for your garden

Enjoy your outdoor space

Our final and probably most important resolution is to enjoy your outdoor space. You may have read that even just 20 minutes outside is great for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Take the time this year and literally stop and smell the flowers.

If you need help creating your perfect outdoor space contact the team at Branching Out Co.


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