May in the garden

Are you looking for things to do in the garden this month?

Mulch and water

  • May is the perfect month to add mulch to your gardens. 3-5cm is the standard depth for most types of mulches. Make sure that you pull it away from the trunks of your plants to create a water well.

  • Only water your plants/garden if needed as we have had plenty of rain over recent months.

  • If you have deciduous trees you may be spending time collecting them to add to your compost.

  • Veg garden - Time pull out and remove any left over summer veggies

Planting in May

  • Herbs - Parsley, rosemary, oregano, mint and thyme.

  • Veggies - Cabbage, asian greens, lettuce, rocket, spinach, carrots, leek, radish, turnips, celery, spring onions, cauliflower, peas and broad beans.

  • Companion flowers - cornflowers, calendula, viola, pansies, marigolds and chamomile.

  • Evergreen shrubs, trees, ground covers and perennials


  • Hydrangea - prune the stem above two plump buds and remove any old branches.

  • Flowering perennials from summer like daisies and salvia area ready to prune back.

  • If your roses still need pruning now is the time to prune so you get another flowering in June.

  • Winter pruning of your deciduous trees starts when they have dropped their leaves

Lawn care

  • May is the perfect time to fertilise your lawn with granular fertiliser the best choice. This will give your lawn the encouragement for prolonged growth which ensures a thick coverage to help prevent weeds taking hold.

  • Your liquid fertiliser is perfect to maintain colour and look through the cooler months.

  • Make sure to avoid walking on your lawn when it is wet so that you avoid compaction. Or regularly aerate the lawn if this is an issue.

Pest control

  • Roses need to be watches for black spot and powdery mildew.

  • Fruit trees may need fungicide sprays.

  • Watch for caterpillars, cabbage moth, slugs, snails and aphids in your vegetable garden.

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