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Landscaping with mature trees

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

If you are planing a landscaping project you may be considering mature trees. These trees might already be on your site or your landscaper may be going to bring them in for you.

Plants of all stages (new and mature) are the most stainable way to make your property both welcoming and complete. Plus you can create your very own outdoor room to suit your lifestyle.

I single mature tree can…

  • Anchor a courtyard

  • Provide shade

  • Create an outdoor room with its canopy

  • Give you privacy

  • Soften hardscape

  • Frame an entryway

  • Point your eyes to a distant view

  • Provide colour, texture and beauty

Several mature matures can…

  • Create a path

  • Frame a driveway

  • Give you privacy

  • Create a habitat

  • Feed the family

  • Provide both shade and beauty

Would you like your outdoor space to have mature native trees, mature ornamental tress or mature feature trees?

Australian native trees include but are not limited to...

  • Acacia

  • Agonis

  • Allocasuarina

  • Angophora

  • Banksia

  • Brachychiton

  • Callistemon

  • Casuarina

  • Corymbia

  • Eucalyptus

  • Hymenosporum

  • Lophostemon

  • Syzygium

  • Tristaniopsis

  • Waterhousea

Using a landscaping professional you will get a design that ensures you have the right trees for both the location of your property and for your lifestyle.

Tip: Planting near structures - You need to ensure that you tree has room to grow and that it will have sufficient drainage and enough water. Your tree needs to be able to spread its roots and that gets enough sun for its needs.

Landscaping with trees helps to increase the value of your property and creates a landscape that has a big impact.

Will you be improving your landscape with trees?

Our recent Balgowlah project included the planting of this mature Mature Dracena Draco. Such a beautiful addition to the property.

Contact the team at Branching Out Co. to discuss how you can include one or many mature trees into your landscape.


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