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Do you need an outdoor kitchen?

Perhaps it is a want rather than a need, either way it can be a fantastic lifestyle inclusion for your home.

In Australia we are fortunate to have the type of climate that gives us a year round outdoor lifestyle.

Now, deciding you want/need and outdoor kitchen is the easy part, on to the fun part. Bench space, bar equipment, refrigeration, cooking, heating and more.

A basic kitchen

Here you will have the essentials for flipping some steaks and sausages on your classic built in grill. You can even add a fridge and side burner depending on what you love to cook.

Add an outdoor seating space along with some cover from the sun and or rain and you have your basic but perfect outdoors kitchen space to enjoy all year round.

An advanced kitchen

This one is for a larger space and more grilling and chilling.

Here you may be adding a sink and wash up area along with some outdoor storage.

Is a kegerator on your wish list? Perhaps a wine fridge rather than a normal fridge is your preference or perhaps both. Will you be adding a pizza oven or an ice-maker for all those cocktails?

Your outdoor seating moves up a notch and is potentially built into the rear of your home for seamless integration.

The ultimate outdoor kitchen

Now you are ready to make all your dream come true.

A second grill or perhaps a smoker is on the menu. Pantry, outdoor television, outdoor fans for summer and a heater or fire-pit for the winter. The addition of an extractor ensures that no one is smoked out should the snags stay on a little too long.

What events will you be watching from your outdoor couch undercover and with unmatched comfort. Add some surround sound and no one will ever want to leave.

Do you have an outdoor kitchen dream that we can make come true?

At Branching Out Co we have had the privilege of building many outdoor rooms for our wonderful clients. Contact the team to discuss your ultimate outdoor kitchen space.


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