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COVID-19 Gardening and Landscape work

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

The team at Branching Out Co are working as hard as ever to ensure that all our staff and clients are safe during this time. We have completed certified infection control training and ensured that all staff are maintaining the correct working requirements. If you have any questions please contact our office.

In your garden

The Covid-19 crisis should not keep you away from your garden. In fact it is the perfect opportunity to take even better care of your plants, lawn and garden areas.

Gardening is a safe and family friendly activity that is not only great for your physical health but also for your mental health.

Don't be a couch potato - grow real potato's

Remember that it doesn't just have to be an outdoor garden. Perhaps you have a balcony garden or a wonderful indoor garden. Or even just one single plant in a pot that provides you joy.

Weeding - This can be a wonderful exercise in patience and accomplishment, for best results you need to pull out the entire root system.

Lawns - Mowing, weeding or just relaxing, the lawn is a perfect place for all the family. Get your kids to lay down and see what they can spot in the lawn. Small ants, different colours and so much more to see.

Pruning - Chances are that there is something that needs a trim in your garden. Even your house plants may have a couple of dead leaves to remove.

Food - Vegetables to plant in autumn include broccoli, lettuce, onion, peas, spinach, spring onion and turnip. Herbs for this time of year include coriander, fennel, garlic, lavender, parsley, rocket, sage, rosemary and thyme.

House plants - Could you house plants benefit from repotting?

For the kids

Involving your kids in the garden or with house plants is the perfect way to spend time together and to have fun. Nature is wonderful and you may have your very own landscaper in the making.

  • Propagate plants that are easy to grow

  • Create your own terrarium indoors

  • Start a vegetable patch - they may actually want to eat what they grow

  • Discover the bugs in the garden

  • Do some drawing in the garden from what they see

  • Collect some leaves and flowers to draw

  • Grow some seeds

Visit the garden centre

Fortunately our garden centres are still open and ready for you to stock up on plants, pots and seeds. You can maintain social distancing and still shop for new plants for your gardening projects.

If you are planning something a little bigger for your garden contact the team at Branching Out Co. we would love to provide you with an obligation free quote. Plus we also offer pool renovation and installation.


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