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Can you have a native garden in Sydney?

In Australia we are fortunate to have some of the most amazing native flowers and plants. So can you have a native garden - Yes!

If you love native plants you don't have to just go for a bush walk to see them. You can create your own native garden oasis at home.

Of course some native plants are easier to grow than others. This is particularly true for Waratah, Flannel Flowers and Boronia. However with a little enthusiasm and a few tips you may just succeed.

If you have the love for a native garden, keep reading and contact us to create the native garden of your dreams.

Tips for native gardens

Soil - The best soil is well drained soil with a good sand content. Not just any sand content it should be horticultural sand.

This sand is crushed sandstone and if you look in the bush, native plants are growing and thriving in it. Add composted hardwood mulch to the mix and you are replicating the natural bush environment.

Make sure to mound your garden beds so that the water can drain away and not pool on your natives. If you are trying to grow Flannel Flowers increase your sand to soil ratio to about 70% sand 30% mulch.

Mulches - A native mulch to top off your garden is always going to work best. Eucalyptus mulch, Tea-tree mulch & Eucii mulch are all top tips.

Planting - Make sure you plant like with like. This means that plants requiring the same conditions should be grouped together. For example Kangaroo Paw and Flannel Flower are perfect together and the floral show is just divine.

Branching Out Co.

The team at Branching Out Co. would love to create a native garden or any style of garden that you would like. Contact the team today.


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