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A new pool for summer

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

We have had a hot summer in Sydney, does it have you thinking... Do I want a new pool for next summer?

A pool is an investment in both your lifestyle and your property and can be well worth the investment.

What questions should you be asking

1. Why - Will it be for doing laps, relation, to enhance your view, for kids etc.

2. Suitability - Is your property suitable? Is it sloping, do you have rock, will the necessary machinery be able to get in ok?

3. Where - Does your property have utilities in the way? Does it get enough sunlight? Will you be able to see the pool from your house?

4. In or out - Will you have an inground or above ground, perhaps a combination of both.

5. Budget - How much do you have to spend? Pools are not a cheap investment, however, they can add value in areas like Sydney.

6. Materials - Concrete or fibreglass, if concrete what type of finish will you have on the inside.

7. Fencing - Glass is very popular but can be costly and there are many other options too. The laws in NSW are very strict so professional fencing is essential.

9. Landscaping - What will you put around the pool in paving and planting?


  • Smaller plunge pools are popular as we are living in smaller spaces but still want to cool off.

  • Infinity end pools where the water flows over is perfect to enhance a view you may have past the pool.

  • Swim jets are fantastic for swimmers without having the space requirement of a long lap pool.

  • Mineral pools are far more popular than salt now and much gentler on the skin.

  • Concrete pools offer you the choice to create almost any shape and size so adding beach areas is great for small kids to enjoy.

Mistakes to avoid

  • The wrong location can mean that you cannot move around in freely

  • Too much shade can give you a freezing cold pool even in summer

  • Not having enough space to relax next to the pool on loungers or no room to entertain.

  • Buying on price alone - Don't skimp and go for the cheapest when it comes to pools. Cutting corners will leave you with regrets.

Contact the team at Branching Out Co. for your design and installation of your new pool or for a renovation of your existing pool. We are fully licensed and insured.


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