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Hardy plants for our Aussie gardens

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The climate and conditions have been tough on both our plants and us. It is vital when choosing plants to think about local conditions and we always make a conscious choice to do so at every job. By making the most of hardy plants you can get maximum impact with minimal effort.

When you are looking at hardy plants you need to look at:

  • Climate

  • Rainfall

  • Soil type

  • Exposure to sun

  • Exposure to wind

Plus what are you trying to achieve:

  • Creating shade

  • Screening privacy

  • Minimal water demands

  • A splash of colour

Here are some hardy plants that will love their life in our tough Aussie gardens.

Metrosideros ‘Tahiti’

Do you love NZ Christmas bush but don't really have the space? This super hardy compact evergreen shrub is for you. Beautiful deep green foliage and lovely red flowers which burst late Winter and last right through Spring.

Part shade and full sun plus minimal water will see this shrub thrive. The flowers are perfumed and will attract birds to your garden. Not to mention a pop of colour. It will grow to around 1 meter and it perfect for a border or in a pot as a feature.

Metrosideros ‘Tahiti’


What is not to love when one plat gives you colours from yellow through to burgundy. The foliage is glossy and the plant is drought, salt and wind tolerant, making it the perfect coastal plant. In pots or as mass plantings they can even create a dense 1 meter hedge.



By far the best to last, 'Hebe' comes in a huge range of choices. Ground covers, small bushes and large shrubs are all part of the choices available as 'Hebe'. They are native to New Zealand and you won't be disappointed in these shrubs.

They have varieties that are perfect for the cast and varieties that are perfect for our colder areas. The beautiful flowers will attract pollinators to your garden.

A sunny position is ideal and a well draining soil is preferred. In a group planting they will give you a low maintenance and beautiful garden display.

Speak to the team at Branching Out Co. about creating a hardy garden filled with plants you will love.


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