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A well designed garden will boost your home's value.

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

It should be no surprise that a well designed and impeccably maintained garden can and will boost your homes value. A beautifully designed garden can create as much interest in a property as a new bathroom or kitchen. Remember that often the garden is seen long before the home which gives people an opportunity to fall in love with the property immediately.

The days of large manicured lawns are behind us. If lawn is included it is generally a small patch which is easy to maintain. People are looking for outdoor rooms which are an extension of their homes and useable all year round. Just as it is great to view a garden from inside it is also wonderful to look back to your home from your outdoor room.

Good landscaping can increase the value of a home by 15-20% and perhaps even 25%, according to Domain property.

St Ives project.

Exposed aggregate large format pads, Floating spotted gum bench on a recycled brick feature wall all finished at our St Ives project.

Think about the most popular time to sell 'SPRING', this is usually when gardens start growing, blooming and looking fabulous. You home can be well presented from the outside in.

While large gardens give the home owner plenty of choice to create outdoor rooms and more planting choices appartments are getting involved too. With vertical gardens you can create privacy and define your space blocking out neighbours.

It is not just the backyard BBQ, we now have an outdoor kitchen, living and dining space. Outdoor furniture is so much more than an uncomfortable outdoor setting. Cushions colours and outdoor lounges provide comfort for the whole family.

Sydney's climate gives us the perfect outdoor lifestyle and means that even when we downsize out homes we can have additional space with our outdoor rooms. Using a professional landscape designer and landscape builder you can create a space that increases your properties value by up to 25%. This increase is a real game changer in Sydney's property market.

Contact the team at Branching Out Co. to see how we can enhance your property from the outside in.

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