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Autumn Garden Tips

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Hello Autumn!

Now is a great time to get out in the garden and enjoy some planting time. The soils are still warm and ready for new plants and some light rain.

Plant some fruit trees

Sydney's climate and conditions are ideal for growing fruit trees. Pick a spot with full sun, good drainage, room to grow and you will have fresh fruit in your garden. Try to give your trees plenty of room to grow but not putting them too close to other structures or trees.

Pop in some bulbs

Planting bulbs is a great way to add a splash of colour. There are so many different colours, sizes and types of bulbs to choose from. Autumn is the best time of year to plant them so they have enough time to get settled and begin growing ready to bloom in Spring. Bulbs love a sunny spot and will appear from the soil when you have forgotten about them.

Build a vegetable bed

A vegetable bed can be a great addition to your garden. For the best results, choose a good quality top soil for good nutrients that your food will need to start growing. Think about finding a spot in your garden that will give both enough sun and shade, depending on the vegetable you are going to grow.


Mulch is an essential part of having a great garden. It helps the soil hold in moisture so you don’t have to water it as often and it also keeps most of the weeds at bay. Over time, it will break down into your soil and improve it by adding nutrients, which is a winning solution. Choose a mulch that suits your garden and get yourself ready to start covering the garden.

Lawn food

Autumn is a great time to fertilise as it protects your lawn through the cooler months. Aim to fertilise twice a year for the best results so you have a green and healthy lawn year round.

Prune your trees

There are many reasons why you should prune your trees.

  • Improve the health and appearance of your trees

  • Removes dead or dying branches

  • Promote growth in fruit trees

  • Keep a hedge manageable

What about compost

Compost is a natural fertiliser that is great for your garden. It can help you save money and it’s good for the environment. Autumn is a great time to start making compost because many trees are dropping their leaves, which you’ll need to use. Make sure you get the balance right between garden waste and kitchen scraps in the compost mix for the best results.

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