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Front Yard Design Ideas

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Have you heard the term "Kerb Appeal"?

What it means is the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings when viewed from the street.

How does your home look from the street?

By improving the kerb appeal of your home, it not only makes you fall in love with your home again but it is great if you are selling. Buyers want to be impressed by what they see when they arrive at a property.

The entrance to your home, if well manicured, frames your home and provides an expectation of what awaits when you enter. First impressions count!

Is can be as simple as ensuring your front hedges are tidy, well maintained and your lawn is mowed regularly. Or it may be stone pathways, manicured gardens, water features, platers, vertical garden and the choices are almost endless.

Front yard design ideas

Matching your home

The most important aspect of good design is that it matches the aesthetic of your home and that it provides the kerb appeal your home deserves.

Modern homes deserve a modern front yard, perhaps with metal, timber and stone. A heritage home should have something more traditional perhaps hedges and flowering plants. Either way the team at Branching Out Co. have the knowledge and skills to deliver the results you need.

Design Ideas

At Branching out we are a full service landscaping company - we can look after all your exterior landscaping and design ideas. We can also look after your inside design ideas, this way you can have a home that is seamless in it's look an feel from the inside to the outside.

Contact the team today - Branching Out Landscape Co.

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