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Backyard Design Ideas

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Having a garden in Australia is something that is sometimes taken for granted. However with the population growing, gardens and the blocks we live on are changing.

Backyard design

Here are a few ideas for your backyard

Softscape - A garden filled with plants and flowers is something that is achievable by everyone. You can have a theme of colours, plant types or just create yourself an english country side. Many households are also choosing to plant only fruit and vegetables for a truely organic garden feast.

Outdoor cooking - it used to just be a simple BBQ in the garden, but now we have entire outdoor kitchens with dishwashers and refrigeration. These outdoor kitchen make cooking outdoors a year round experience and perfect for those who love to entertain.

Outdoor Dining - Along with outdoor cooking, we want to be able to eat, drink, be comfortable and entertain guests. So having an area to dine with guests is important to your backyard space.

Fire Pit - With winter approaching perhaps you are considering a fire pit. Naturally these come in all shapes and sizes and even include table top versions. Speak to the team at Branching Out Landscape and Design about building one within your backyard.

Hardscape - Most backyard design ideas include hardscape in the way of paving, retaining walls, pathways and more. Hardscape is nearly always one for the professionals, for quality work that lasts a lifetime.

Decks - While these do required ongoing maintenance, decks are a wonderful addition to an Aussie home. Using beautiful Australian hardwoods to complement your garden and create the perfect outdoor space.

More timber - In the form of pergolas or back verandahs this can be the ideal space of your dining, cooking or just relaxing. They can have a solid roof to keep weather out or an open roof to let everything shine through.

Pools and Spas - The ultimate inclusion in any Aussie backyard is a pool or spa. Yes these are a costly addition but well worth the expense for the added value and lifestyle you are adding.

Small Space - Containers and pots can be planted to create the garden experience. The can also be taken with you if you move home.

The team at Branching Out Co. can look after all your landscaping needs - Ask us about the basketball court we recently built for one of our clients!

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