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Autumn Garden Guide

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Autumn is a beautiful time of year - the hottest summer days are behind us and the days of mid 20's are more frequent. The nights are cooler so we are generally refreshed to think about gardening again.


March brings us the perfect time to think about adding some colour to the garden. This can be by planting a few pansies which are bright and come in a multitude of colours. They are perfect for garden beds, pots or hanging baskets to give your garden a vibrant hit of colour for Autumn.



Yes now is the time to think about the bulbs you want to see in Spring. Mix through your broken down compost, old manure and dynamic lifter to your pots and garden beds. This will get your soils ready and full of nutrients for you to plant your bulbs next month (April) that will flower in Spring.

Your whole garden

March is a great time to fertilise the soil throughout your entire garden. Using long lasting, controlled release fertiliser the feeding of your plants will continue to provide the nutrients needed right through Autumn.

Don't forget to prune

If you can, do it yourself, otherwise get the professionals in and trim back the hedges and climbers in your garden. Perfect for the evergreen varieties as you don't want to be trimming off any new buds. With your hedges you are generally trimming back to the older darker foliage. Careful not to take too much off and spoil the look of your hedge.


Don't forget the lawn

Has you lawn become compacted, are there dead patches and is it looking a bit worse for wear after summer? Now is a great time to aerate, fertilise and replace any dead patches. Again, this is something you can do yourself or get the professionals to look after it for you. Those funny spiked sandals or a pitch fork are perfect for aeration. You can then feed with lawn fertiliser and top with a fine sandy well draining soil. Seeding or replacing any dead patches can also be done at this time.

For all your landscaping needs make sure you contact the team at Branching Out Co.


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