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Ground cover plants to use

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Ground cover plants to are a few favourites that you may recognise

If you are looking for a few ideas on plants that will both brighten up the garden and help to prevent weeds - keep reading this blog!

The main idea of using a ground cover plant is for it to spread across your garden bed and prevent most if not all weeds coming through. Naturally some work better than others and it depends on positioning water and more. We always recommend that professional advice will get you the best plants for your situation. The team at Branching Out Co. are here to help!

There are literally hundreds of different types of ground covers to choose from. We have listed a few favourites below that you may recognise.

Types of ground covers


Some plants (sun loving) like Aagapathanus with it’s beautiful white to blue to purple flowers can be considered ground covers as they self seed and continue to expend in the area they are planted. Clivia (often mistaken for Agapanthus) which are shade loving also clump where they are planted and can form a beautiful cover.

Liriope is another clumping plant which works great to battle erosion with green or variegated foliage it is evergreen and flowers usually in summer, happy in sun or shade these are great to fill an empty space.


Dichondra Silver Falls - Planting them at a distance of 25 to 30 cm allows forming an easy ground cover. The good looking silver falls, grown in hanging plant stands or tall containers will help the plant to trail down from the sides up to 2m making it a visual treat. Once established, this variety of Dichondra requires very little water.

Dichondra Silver Falls

Convolvulus Blue is a super vigorous, non invasive, easy to grow ground cover that covers those difficult to maintain places. The violet blue flowers appear in early spring and continue until early autumn. It is suitable for a full sun to part shade position in well drained soil and requires little water once established. Suitable as a spillover plant ground cover plant hanging baskets and coastal gardens.

Tough & Fast

Carpobrotus glaucescens, commonly known as angular sea-fig or pig-face, is a species of flowering plant in the ice plant family. It is a tough low maintenance plant that comes in a few colours, pink, orange, yellow and white. Happy to grow in dry, sunny. rocky and sandy conditions it is often a perfect choice for Northern Beaches gardens. The more sun the more flowers you will be fortunate to have.

As mentioned above - make sure to contact the team for expert advice on the ideal plants for your garden and landscaping needs.

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