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Choosing the right plants

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Choosing the right plants can be incredibly difficult for the average home gardener. There are many things to consider before you just grab something that you like the look of.

All plants have there favourite type of environment that they like to grow in, it is important to match this with the aesthetics of your garden too.

Using a professional landscaper is the best way to ensure that you, one, get the right plants for the right spot. Two, you get the look and feel that only professional planting can achieve in your garden.

Planting when done professionally, creates beautiful outdoor rooms that enhance your home on a daily bases. They create an atmosphere to live in and they can increase the value of your property, both for immediate sale and long term value.

Here are a few questions?

What style of plants do you like?

Are you looking for plants that are low maintenance?

What type of soil do you have?

Are the plants in full sun all day or part of the day?

Do you want flowering plants?

Will there is space for ground covering plants?

Do you have a favourite plant you want in the garden but have no clue where it should go?

Will your plants be going into a new area of regenerating an old space?

Do you need to create garden beds for vegetables?

What time will you have available to look after the plants?

How will you be using your garden and is their hardscaping that needs to be completed?

So, if you are looking for a professional landscaped entrance to your home or office, the perfect backyard, a new outdoor room or more - Contact Branching Out Co. We are your local, Northern Beaches Professional Landscaping team.

Plant images below by Exotic Nurseries

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