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Using Timber to Enhance your Landscape

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Timber has been used for centuries in and around the home. There are many choices for the outside of your home to enhance your landscape. From treated pine to hardwoods and more it can be used for fences, decks, privacy screens, retaining walls, steps and the list goes on.

A Branching Out Co. we love to utilise timber within the design and plan of your garden.

Click on the below examples to be directed to pages within our website outlining some of the work we have completed.

Privacy Screens


Retaining Walls


Here is a deck we recently completed at Wahroonga (we still had one more coat of oil to go). You can see the massive improvement from what was previously a paved area to now having a beautiful hardwood deck.

So many homes in Sydney embrace the use of timber. At another recent project we added stainless steel lighting within the decking. You can see in this below image they sit almost flush with the timber ready to put on a beautiful show in the evening. Timber and stainless steel was used to create this railing and frame the area beautifully.

Hardwood Decking with rail and lights

Fences and retaining walls

Often when people think of retaining walls they consider a large block wall. However they are often used as a lower landscape option to create garden beds at the same time as do their job as a wall. As you can see in the below image they will also serve as a seating space in the garden too.

The humble timber fence has been used forever but as you can see from our image below they don't have to be boring. This one below we have added a frame of wire for greenery to grow across without damaging the fence at all. The timber seating of Adirondack Chairs just finish it all off.

As you can see we have only illustrated a few examples of using timber as the options really are limitless.

So, how will you be adding timber to your outdoor space? If you are unsure how timber can work for you in your garden contact the team at Branching Out Co. for a solution.

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