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Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Having a pool in the backyard is a great Aussie dream for many. Getting it right and ensuring that your paving and landscaping is professional is probably the most important stage of the process.

A beautiful swimming pool creates an outdoor lifestyle, a lifestyle which the Sydney climate is just perfect for. So if you are dreaming of adding a pool, here are some handy tips to help you make the right choices.

From hardwood screens to planting around your pool, not forgetting outdoor showers, the options are endless.

Hardwood Swimming Pool Screen

Choosing the right pool paving

By carefully selecting the right paver your pool will have beautiful aesthetic appeal for your environment and the longevity of great style. Below we will look at travertine, bluestone, concrete and clay brick. If you are unsure of what paving you would like installed, please speak to the team at Branching Out Co. to help you.

Travertine Pool Paving

Beautiful travertine gives you a natural look of a limestone like material. They are slip resistant and unlike other paving the light colours remain cool to walk on. Travertine goes extremely well with almost any pool and remains a very popular choice. It can be used for both the pool coping (edge) and any surrounding paving.

Bluestone Pool Paving

Incredibly versatile, Bluestone can be used in a variety of areas and the pool is no exception. They are extremely dense and hardwearing making them perfect for the extreme exposure to the elements. Bluestone can be honed for pool coping or square edge for precise paving.

Concrete Pool Paving

This type of paving is strong and durable and available with a smooth or textured surface. It is generally very affordable and there is a range which are salt resistant. The colours and styles are almost endless for you to choose from.

Clay Brick Paving

Rarely used, clay pavers were always the preferred option for salt pools and they are also slip resistant, perfect for wet feet. Clay coping and paving is by far the most durable of all paving choices as they never crack or fade over time.

Planting around your pool

Choosing the right plants is always a little tricky and at Branching Out Co we are happy to help you to decide.

The simplest choice is that you want plants that are not going to drop a lot of leaves or debris onto your pool. Generally they are also going to be exposed to A LOT of sunlight so they need to be tough and they should match your area and your home. By area, I mean soils and climate, their is little point in trying to plant yourself a Queensland tropical garden if you live in an area that experiences frosts. Similarly you don't want plants that need a lot of maintenance as you may not have the access you need or others may need to do the work.

Planting around your pool
Outdoor shower

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