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Landscape Design Sydney

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

A professionally designed garden can make all the difference when you are turning your house into a home. Landscape designers have be trained to look at things like sun, shade, planting, hard surfaces retaining walls and more when designing. It is when looking at these things they ensure that it all meets your desires for your outdoor space.

Naturally, every home owner is different and requires different things from their outdoor space. Perhaps you have absolutely no clue about when you even want, a landscape designer can ask you the right questions to lead you towards a design.

A landscape designer will also make it easy for you to visualise the outcome of the prosed works. They will provide you with drawings and more to give you the concept you are looking for. Being conscious of your budget is also important for the landscape designer. There is little point in providing you a design you cannot afford to complete.

What are you looking for in your perfect garden?

Design Ideas

Water Features - Water features can be anything from a swimming pool to a pond or a seemingly natural pebbled river flowing through your space. Getting it right is the landscape designers responsibility.

Retaining Walls - Often retaining walls are needed for practical purposes to hold back a large amount of soil or to level out a garden space. It doesn't mean that they have to be without design appeal. Retaining walls should be integrated into a space so that their beauty outweighs their purpose and the outdoor space is perfect for your requirements.

Pergolas - More than just a place out of the sun a pergola comes in many shapes and sizes. Done well this covered space can really enhance your way of life by creating an outdoor room for you to enjoy and extend the size of your home.

Paving - Like retaining walls, paving often provides a practical solution. It may form a driveway or pathway but it can also create interest in your garden. It can lead you where you need to go, it can surround a fire pit or be under a pergola. It can create a space which was otherwise dirt and it can surround your pool.

Plants - No garden, big or small is complete without plants to enhance the space. The varieties are almost endless and the right design of planting is what ultimately finishes off the professionally designed landscape. From succulents to palms, hedges to roses and everything in between Branching Out Co. knows the plants to complement your space.

Vertical Gardens - If you have not seen a vertical garden done well, you are missing out. They are an amazing feature to so many buildings but you can create one in your own garden too. Again great design is what will make your vertical garden seamless perfection in your outdoor space.

Privacy Screens - With homes getting bigger and housing blocks getting smaller, privacy screens are often a necessity to use. They are also great for block off unsightly spots like the clothes line or composting areas.

What is your favourite design idea and what are you hoping for in your own landscape design? Contact us today for an obligation free quote on your Landscape Design project.

Landscape Design Sydney

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