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Landscaping on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Landscaping on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

For anyone lucky enough to live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches you may also be fortunate to have enough land for a garden. Even a balcony can be enough space to have your own little private landscaped area!

The Landscaped Garden

Assuming you are fortunate to have a backyard, front yard or both the design of these can greatly improve your lifestyle too.

Creating outdoor rooms extend your living space beyond the inside of your home. You can create one or many outdoor spaces to truly enhance your lifestyle.

Landscaping Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches Soils & Shapes

  • Many of the gardens close to the beaches have sandy soils – this makes it a perfect environment for so many different plants including Australian Natives.

  • Other gardens may have a lot of rock or perhaps one big rock shelf – Rocks can make your garden very interesting. It is not an obstacle for a landscaper it is beautiful.

  • Is your backyard on the side of a hill – no problem, you still have lots of options available for your design. Just view our gallery for inspiration.

Costs of Professional Landscaping

Yes there is a cost to have professional landscapers like Branching Out Landscape and Design! It is vital though that you understand the ultimate benefits you receive from a professional landscape design and construction.

  • Getting out into nature has tremendous health benefits

  • The money you spend on a professional landscaped garden will always ad value to your home

  • If you are planning to sell, the landscape is the first impression people will have and the last as they leave

  • In an area like the Sydney’s Northern Beaches you will not be over capitalising with professional landscaping & design

  • By choosing a local company you choose someone who understands the local area

If you are looking to create a beautiful outdoor landscaped environment you can’t go past Branching Out Co. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.

Northern Beaches Landscaping Ideas

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