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Options for Outdoor Privacy Screens

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

What are the options for outdoor privacy screens? If you are living in Sydney, chances are you can see your neighbours and perhaps you wish you couldn't. Privacy screens are the answer!

There are many choices when it comes to screening off areas, neighbours, pools, ugly views, the street and more. You can choose to have a screen of plants, a structure made of timber or steel and you have decorative screens that are an art installation for your home.

Green Privacy Screens

Green Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are not just about privacy, they can used to cover an fence (image) plus as they grow your privacy increases too. Using something like palms (image) your view changes overtime and there is little maintenance required to keep it looking great.

Plants can be used as a fence or screen when you use Murraya or Vibernum. These plants grow tightly together to form a screen and create privacy for your home or outdoor room. Have a read of our recent blog on this topic.

A screen of green plants can suit almost any application and the planting can be formal or flexible. It is a personal favourite of mine, when you line the perimeter of property with plants the property has a beautiful green outdoor room.

Timber Privacy Screens

Timber Privacy Screens

Most people are familiar with the use of timber to provide privacy as it is a commonly the material used for fences. We also use it for things like decks, pergolas, screens and more in our outdoor rooms. Many of the Branching Out Landscaping jobs have included timber in some form.

Timber Privacy screens are one of the most common choices both for small areas and large areas.

Timber Privacy Screen Small
Pool Privacy Screen

As you can see from our various images there are so many options to choose from when you are creating privacy in your garden.

Timber slats either horizontal or vertical and with the right amount of spacing create their own feature and provide the privacy you require.

Timber Privacy Screens

There are many choices of timber that you can use and Australian Hardwoods are some of the best. Not to mention they are absolutely beautiful and versatile for your home both indoor and outdoor.

Designer Privacy Screens

Have you seen the amount of choices available for artwork that screens your home and garden? Here it is almost endless as too are the number of product choices, timber, stainless steel, weathering steel and aluminium.

To make these materials into art they are generally cut using a laser cutting machine. By using a laser which receives the design via a computer you can have almost any design imaginable. Many companies like Bunnings supply a range of designs to choose from and in a range of sizes.

Conclusion - Speak to the team at Branching Out Co. about what we can create for your home to give you the screening you desire.

Timber Lattice Screen

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