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18 Questions to ask your Landscaper

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Hiring a professional to create the garden of your dreams can be a daunting experience. At Branching Out Co we understand this and do our best to make the process as easy and as stress free as possible.

Can I see examples of your past work?

Any professional landscaper will have a portfolio of their previous work for you to view.

Are you licensed? Can you give me your license number?

Take the time to check the license number of your landscaper with your local Fair Trading authority.

Can I see copies of your insurance?

Ask to view their certificate of currency so that you know the insurance is current.

Do you have previous clients that I can contact?

If you are concerned it can be comforting to speak to a previous client about the work that they contracted the landscaper to do.

What can you do with a space like mine?

If you are really unsure of what you need ask the landscaper what they would recommend for your space.

How can we incorporate existing structures into the project?

If you have a pool or other structure that will remain, ask how it can be incorporated into the new work.

Are the plants going to take a while to start growing?

To save costs on plants less mature ones may be used so you need to know if this is going to suit your project. If not you may need to pay more for mature plants and an instant result.

Can we use mature plants?

Using mature plants will give you an instant result. It will be more costly so you need to be prepared for this.

Can we use reclaimed materials in the project?

Reclaimed timber or reclaimed brick paving can bring a lot of character to your project.

What will the maintenance be like on this garden?

Are you going to do the maintenance yourself? Will it be something you need to outsource?

Do you provide a maintenance service?

Can your landscaper provide you with ongoing maintenance for this project, either short term or long term.

How long is this going to take?

What will be the length of time that your property will be under construction?

Is it a fixed price quote or will the price have variables?

Will there be any unexpected costs or will the quoted price be the final price?

Do you provide any warranty or guarantees?

What happens if you have any problems in the future. How is the work covered?

How many people will be working on my project?

Will there be various trades? How many people will be on my property at any given time? Do I need to let them use my facilities?

What will the contract payments be for the project?

Make sure you have a clear understanding of your contract obligations for the project before it starts.

What happens if I decide to make changes during the project?

Ask about the process if you decide to make changes. How does this affect the timelines and costs.

Is there going to be any permits required and if so will you look after them for me?

Will there be time for permits to be approved? how will this be managed.

Lastly if you have any questions at all contact the team at Branching Out Co. we are here to look after you and your landscape. Plus we can offer you construction, design and pool solutions.


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