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We have an in-house designer who can provide comprehensive interior and exterior design services - from simple layout changes through to larger scale renovations as well as sourcing furniture for both interior and exterior spaces.
This allows us to provide a whole home solution, bringing the outdoors in and creating a cohesive environment both inside and out.
Working to connect your inside and outside living and entertaining spaces, we can help you pick out furniture pieces for any area that will compliment your home and the way you like to live. We can design indoor vertical gardens (for example, a herb garden near your kitchen) and create outdoor rooms that are truly an extension of your home.
If you are having trouble visualizing what your space will look like once we have transformed it, our designer can create computer drafted floorplans, rendered drawings, and mood boards to help communicate the design visually to you.
We can also help you with choosing appropriate colour schemes for your new space to connect your inside and outside areas.
Services provided include:
Interior Design advice, covering everything from layout changes and furniture placement within your existing space through to designing a full scale renovation.
Sourcing furniture from a mixture of trade only and retail stores, creating a cohesive space with pieces that complement your style and home.
Material selection advice - assistance with choosing finishes for bathrooms, kitchens, flooring and other surfaces.
Floorplan drafting - both CAD drawings and hard-drawn concept plans. Can be offered for layout plans with or without structural work involved. Can also provide Elevations and perspective drawings to illustrate what the proposed design concept will look like.
Our designer has completed several qualifications in the Interior Design field:
a nationally recognised Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration (MSF50213)
a Diploma in Interior Design
a Diploma in Interior Styling
a Certificate IV in Design (also nationally recognised, CUA40715).
She is also currently studying the Diploma in Landscape Design to extend our design services further and provide a comprehensive design service for all aspects of your home.

For more examples of our designers work, check out her website:

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